Proposal Design


While working as a graphic designer at Ronnette Riley Architect, my main responsibility was designing and preparing proposals. Generally speaking, most proposal follows a similar format, but also very often needs to address specific qualification in addition to the standard information. Creating a proposal can be tedious at the time because it often required compiling documents from several partner consultant firms while maintaining cohesiveness and complied to the required format.


In order to quickly and accurately produce proposals containing targeted content with relevant projects, I cataloged the project library systematically and designed a way for the architects to easily select which projects best represent the firm’s capability for a specific job type. This cataloging system utilizes Adobe Indesign’s comprehensive ability to create documents and books.


The benefit of streamlined the process of content creation allowed for more time to be spent on creative approach on the aesthetic aspect of the proposal and its cover design. Although the proposal content plays the major role in presenting the firm’s ability, the cover of the proposal give the first impression and is an additional way to showcase the versatility and personality of the firm.

Work was done at Ronnette Riley Architect as Graphic Designer