Puppy Coach 101


We all love puppies! But puppies all need to be trained. Owning an untrained dog is no fun for both the owners and family members. Most of the time a family with young children welcomes a puppy into their lives, not knowing the effort it requires to train a puppy. Therefore in collaboration with PixelDream, we sat out to create an iOS app hoping to help families with young children learn and enjoy the process of training a puppy.


I designed the UX/UI of ‘Puppy Coach 101’- an iOS app for new puppy owners. The app contains a series of dog training course with video demonstrations, outlines, and checklists.


The characteristic of this app was its kid-friendly interface design which invites the whole family to be involved in the puppy training journey. All of the dog training courses were broken down into short segmented video clips, therefore it’s easy for children to follow along. At the end of the training, the user can create a certificate for their well-trained puppy!

Work was done by contract with PixelDream